Tips, Tips, TIPS! From Plenty of Fish to Google’s hidden backlink report

by Hugh Hancock on May 4, 2012

We’re rounding out today with a big collection of short, sweet tips on everything from affiliate marketing to Google Hangouts. And by big, I mean huge – two of these posts have about 50 tips between them.

Honestly, Google’s social media backlinks report is absolutely killer – I just spent 20 minutes boggling in amazement at all the info it reveals – and I want access to Hangouts on Air now, dammit!

Let’s go:

  • The lovely people at IM Grind do a Gourmet impression of their own, compiling a massive list of the best tips for Plenty of Fish marketers“So it’s with my great honor, I spent a shit-load of time putting together this list of great pointers Ben and the team at POF have been compiling over the last couple of years on their blog.”
  • Do you have a website? Then you absolutely HAVE to read Search Engine Land’s killer expose of the new, hidden Social Backlinks finder in Google Analytics“When you know what your most linked content is, it is then also much easier to replicate the success and ensure that you are building relationships with those users who actively link to you the most.”
  • Fraser Cain has been on Google+ since about 30 seconds after it launched – today he’s sharing a big list of awesome tips for using its latest video feature, Google Hangouts On Air – this one’s going to be big. – read the comments too – “You want to avoid backlighting, which will make a person dark in the video. Don’t have a bright window behind your back. Get some kind of light pointing at you.”
  • And finally, Pat Flynn shares the five tips he thinks were most important in his rapid rise to massive success“When seeking potential advertisers, I went in with the mindset that although I could easily put these companies into the competitor category, these were companies I was trying to get to pay me money to advertise on my site, so I had to build a relationship with them first.”

See you on Monday!

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