The Chris Guillebeau Guest Post Roundup

by Hugh Hancock on May 11, 2012

We’ve collected all the great advice “The Art Of Non-Conformity”‘s Chris Guillebeau has been giving out in guest posts this week!

Yep, to promote his new book “The $100 Startup”, which some people are already comparing to “The Four Hour Workweek”, Chris has been on a mammoth guest-posting, podcasting and interviewing round-trip. And in each post, he’s been giving away great, valuable advice that you certainly don’t need his book to use – just an Internet business of any kind.

We’ve been tracking down his guest posts all week – so here are all the ones we (and Google) spotted, collated in one place so you can make sure you haven’t missed a thing:

  • On Copyblogger, Chris talked about crafting irresistable offers and how to make a product appear valuable“Just as what we want and what we say we want aren’t always the same thing, the way we place a value on something isn’t always rational. You must learn to think about value the way your customers do, not necessarily the way you would like them to.”
  • On I Will Teach You To Be Rich, he discussed people who had succeeded at crafting great products, and why most people who try fail“But here’s my assertion: You don’t need to build a huge audience or wait forever to make an online product. You do, however, need to be sure that what you offer is actually valuable and desirable.”
  • On his own blog, he talked about how convergence between your own passion and value to others is the most important element in business“The examples go on and on, and the key point is: find convergence! This is the first and most important predictor of success in any business or freedom plan. “
  • On Problogger, he tells his story and again discusses the link between passion and value to others“When I asked our group of unexpected entrepreneurs about the follow-your-passion model, I frequently heard a nuanced answer. Almost no one said, “Yes! You should always follow your passion wherever it leads.” Similarly, almost no one dismissed the idea offhand.”
  • On Smart Passive Income’s podcast (transcription available) he goes through loads of stuff, including how he came to get started and why it might not be a good idea to “teach a man to fish”
  • And Entrepreneur’s Journey, he talks about his past and his roots in another audio interview

Hope you find those pieces as interesting as we did!

We’ll be reviewing “The $100 Startup” as soon as it comes out in the UK.

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