Of Dangerous Markets, Pricing Models and Followups

by Hugh Hancock on May 22, 2012

Three tremendously interesting links to round off the day – from the tempting market to avoid like the plague, to practical advice on how not to be forgotten:

  • Following up on emails, particularly to big influencers, can reap rewards but is hard (and scary) to do – Christina Jones at BlueGlass offers some excellent practical tips on how to do it right“Instead, send them a follow up email a week after your initial email. If you’re working on a tighter deadline, adjust this time accordingly. But for anything longer than a month, waiting a week to respond is a good rule of thumb.”
  • Jason Cohen writes a really useful piece about the market that seems tempting, but is littered with the graves of startups“The startup graveyards are littered with companies who tried to target this seemingly alluring market segment — customers small enough to be intelligent and nimble, young enough to embrace new technology, yet big enough to spend real money to alleviate real pain. It sounds like it’s best of both worlds. But the reality is it’s the worst of both worlds.”
  • And John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing made me go “hmm”, but in an interested way, with his energetic post on letting your price be dictated by results after the fact“There are pitfalls in this model, no doubt, but if you can profitably overcome and manage them, you’ll have a tool without competition.”
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