HOWTO: Have 50 guest posts (and 50 high-PR links) go live in one day

by Hugh Hancock on May 17, 2012

YA, RLY. 50 guest posts. One day. Totally doable:

Blogger Adam Costa did it – very recently, in fact. When launching his new travel site, he organised not one or two guest posts like most of us lazy bums, but 50 – count ’em, 50 – guest posts to all go live on one day.

Fortunately for us, in one of those guest posts, on Think Traffic, he shares the complete blueprint for how he did it, and you can too

“Guest post pitches should show:

you’re a real person you’ve read their guidelines you’ll submit unique, quality content you won’t waste their time

Before you start emailing, have a list of 50 pre-written guest post headlines that are catchy and about an article you can write about. The guest post headline is what’s going to sell them on the guest post so it has to be very good. Get a list of 101 Proven Headlines.

After you look at a website, select three of the headlines you think would be a good fit for the website and copy/paste them into an email template.”

Adam shares everything here – the email templates he used, the criteria he selected blogs to post on with, the tools he used to assemble a massive blog list, and more. I have no doubt that with some work, some basic social proof and some more work, most bloggers could replicate his success. And the value of the links he’s gained for SEO alone really can’t be underestimated.

This is serious, useful, actionable stuff, and I’m frankly surprised he’s offering quite so much detail for free. Grab, absorb, use.

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