Fluffy Friday – your No Thanks List, discovering your unique benefit, and more

by Hugh Hancock on April 27, 2012

At Internet Marketing Gourmet, we’re all about the hard data, actionable information, all that sort of good stuff.

But there’s plenty of useful info out there that’s a bit… fluffier, too. Stuff about feeling good, simplifying decisions, making things work by paying attention to how they feel.

Here’s your Fluffy Friday this week:

  • Copyblogger has a really interesting piece on re-examining business practises that seem ordinary to you to discover amazing USPs for your copy“What if you’ve got something going for you so remarkable that it virtually guarantees your success? What if you’re just not seeing it?”
  • Chris Guillebeau points out a way to make business joyful – whether you’re winning or losing“When you love the act of making things, of bringing something to life, you’ll find that it loves you back. “
  • And Scott at Lifelong Learner talks about something I really recommend – the power of the “to-don’t” list“Habits take an if-then form. If I encounter X, I will react by doing Y. Decisions become automatic eliminating the mentally taxing cost-benefit analysis. Thus, a habit requires far less energy than having to make a decision, especially when the optimal choice requires greater resistance.”
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