Excellent, Specific Advice on Decision-Making, Twitter, Email, and 404s

by Hugh Hancock on May 9, 2012

Fancy a quick unicorn chaser after the last post’s heavy futurism?

How about some extremely specific advice, on extremely specific topics, which it’s entirely possible you could put right into action this afternoon?

These great writers have provided just that:

  • Jack Martin at Portent offers a really interesting look at a better way to organise your Twitter feeds“When you follow someone on Twitter, you are subscribing to their insight and opinions. So here you are, following hundreds or thousands of people because they might say something that’s interesting to you. But unless they tweet at you, retweet you, or happen to tweet moments before you check Twitter, you will miss out on everything they have to say – but there is another way.”
  • Richard Falconer at Big Mouth Media writes a slightly technical, but extremely useful, post on how to best deal with missing page reports from Webmaster Tools“The idea that Google should never discover 404 pages on a site or that when it does, that page should always be redirected, is absurd. Add to this the likelihood that redirecting a page to a completely different page won’t pass on the value of any inbound links anyway and it’s obvious that a single solution is not going to reduce the errors to zero. Indeed that’s not a realistic or worthwhile aim anyway.”
  • Jason Cohen writes a stormer of an article discussing nothing less than how to make difficult business decisions“What sounds like fun? Yes, fun. Enjoyable. Fulfilling. This is your yardstick. I think fulfillment and joy barely enter into the calculus for most founders, and that’s a mistake. Why build a company — or anything else for that matter — if it’s not fulfilling?”
  • And Peter Bregman writes a useful piece discussing email, and how to process through it super-efficiently“A little structure might be the only difference between email being a useful tool . . .or a wasteful one.”
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