Copywriting Thursday – HOWTO write content that sells, plus controversy without hate

by Hugh Hancock on May 10, 2012

We can all improve at our selling-with-written-words skills.

Today we’ve got two great posts on how to achieve that – using specificity, and a general but example-filled guide to sales letters – plus an excellent post on how to approach controversial subjects so you DO get the views, but DON’T get the hate-mail:

  • Kelton Reid at Copyblogger writes a great piece on ways to improve your sales by being ultra, ultra specific“Old-school copywriter George Lois wrote a very useful guide titled Damn Good Advice (for people with talent!). In it, he gets to the heart of the importance of specificity. Lois writes: “All creativity should communicate in a nanosecond.””
  • Greg McFarlane, guesting at ProBlogger, writes a great introduction to writing sales copy for people experienced with writing but not sales“The benefit of the product is far more important than the product itself. When you instead start focusing on the product—which, granted, you expended considerable effort to create—you’re not exactly empathizing with your clientele. “
  • Gregory Ciotti, guest-posting on Pushing Social, writes a great piece about approaching controversial (attention-grabbing) topics without triggering an avalanche of hate-mail“There is a way to utilize this method on a more regular basis without creating an angry mob around your brand. How is this possible? Through a method I like to call the “vanguard evidence” technique.”

Have you ever ended up with an angry mob banging on your blog’s doors – or managed to avoid it? Let us know below!

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