Are you a better writer than you realise? Is there ANOTHER deadly blackhat post-Penguin strategy? Plus – how the big guys do it

by Hugh Hancock on May 16, 2012

These three great posts from the last day or so don’t really have a theme – but they’re all really interesting. Whether you’re trying to push your words out, want to get an inside look at how the big, big direct marketing experts work, or want advanced notice of a really dirty new negative SEO tactic, here we go:

  • Nate at Ninjas and Robots thinks you’re probably a better writer than you know – if you can just relax and ignore rules“And then I just typed what he said. A lot of it was run on sentences, and sentences without verbs. If he turned this draft in to his high school English teacher he’d have failed an assignment. But what was on that computer screen was his voice. And it was powerful stuff. “
  • Direct offers a fascinating insight into how the very top advertisers build million-dollar nutrition products“In this post I’m going to provide you with direct advice on how some of the largest advertisers in the world build nutra offers. These steps are expensive and take a lot of time to complete. But if you follow my advice, and are willing to invest a lot of time and money in a successful offer, then you’ll not only position yourself to make millions of dollars, BUT ALSO KEEP IT. “
  • And Point Black SEO warns us about a possible, deadly new negative SEO tactic post-Penguin “hat’s stopping black hats from sending off these emails pretending to be their competitors? Think about it. It wouldn’t be hard to fake it. Just register a very similar domain name of your competitor, create an email address from that domain, 301 the domain to your competitor’s site, then send out these emails to all of the sites linking to them.”

Yikes. Do you think that could work? And how do we stop it?

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