3 posts that protect you – don’t get hacked, get sued or lose a sale

by Hugh Hancock on May 15, 2012

Did you know your Gogole Analytics could be hacked by the Bad Guys? Neither did I.

Here’s a post on how to protect yourself, plus some advice on the rash of threatening link takedown requests that are plaguing the Web post-Penguin, and a great piece on how not to mysteriously lose sales:

  • Lars Lofgren at KissMetrics scares the crap out of us – and then reassures us – with an extremely precise, follow-along example (with countermeasures) of just how your Analytics data can be corrupted by hacking“Anyone can populate your Google Analytics reports with their own data. Since you can’t separate the data back out, it’ll prevent you from learning anything about your visitors.”
  • Fraser Cain at Keyword Strategy draws our attention to a really unpleasant side-effect of the Penguin – highly-litigious link takedown orders“If you’re getting a lot of DMCA takedown requests, my heart goes out to you. But this is very serious business, and you need to make compliance with the requests your top priority. Whoever is claiming the copyright infringement is completely in the wrong: they built the links in the first place, and now they’re threatening your entire website’s existence to get those links removed again?”
  • And Scott Britton at Lifelong Learning gives a great step-by-step guide to ensure you don’t lose a sale to decision-makers you never get to meet with“No one will ever be able to pitch your product effectively as you do. By letting someone else circle the wagons after a phone call that’s effectively what you’re doing.”
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